off the surface

aerial & underwater digital cinematography


Remote Aerial (drone) & Underwater digital cinema acquisition.


Underwater lighting for live action and visual effects in tanks, pools and open water.


Development of simple and elegant camera and lighting tools for real-world applications.


Remote Aerial (drone) digital cinema acquisition and camera operation from fixed positions and moving platforms (automobiles and boats). Manual and automated systems.

DJI Inspire 2
X7 Super 35 Gimbal
6k CinemaDNG
5.2K Apple ProRes
12, 16, 25, 50mm X7 lenses
DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Mavic Air 4K for tight locations and stealth operation

Underwater digital cinema acquisition in tanks, pools and open water:
4K s-log ProRes output via SSD
Sony Alpha 7S mirrorless camera
Atomos Shogun recorder
Zeiss 24-70mm T4
180mm dome port
Nikonos 15mm f3.5 wet lens



Underwater lighting incorporating tungsten, HMI and LED sources from Hydroflex™ and battery-powered Aquatone Brites. Tank, pool and open water work.




Development of camera and lighting tools, under the water and up in the sky. Simple and elegant solutions for real-world applications.


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about us

Dylan Rush and Tim Balcomb founded Off the Surface to bring solutions to aerial and underwater digital cinematography and lighting based on practical applications and real-world requirements.

Together they bring decades of experience in the entertainment industry to develop and refine tools to serve the creative process.

Get in touch with Off the Surface today, and find a solution that fits your vision and your budget.